Battle Royale Over The Humboldt Tragedy – The Bitter Aftermath

The fighting has started over the Humboldt tragedy. And it’s all over a few words and two hashtags.

And this happens so often when tragic events take place.

With a tragedy still fresh in people’s minds they grieve, they console each other, they relate to each other.

It’s a case of humanity at its best.

People being genuine, being true souls, being sensitive and caring.

But then things change.

Once the tragedy recedes, the beautiful becomes ugly, especially where money is involved.

People become ugly, callous and selfish.

The Humboldt tragedy is no exception.

In the Humboldt tragedy two hash marks are at the centre of an ugly dispute – #humbloldtStrong and #sticksontheporch.

At the heart of the story is the fact that opposing parties want the rights to those hashtags for trademark purposes.

And in this case the tragedy of Humboldt – where a bus crash killed 16 people, mainly young hockey players in their teens, it captured the world’s attention.

#HumboldtStrong became the focal and rallying cry for a world in shock.

The world felt the pain and anguish of the people in Humboldt, felt the soul ripping grief of those who lost loved ones.

And it was especially traumatic and painful because most of those who lost their lives were young. Their lives unfilled, their potential ripped away, their destinies taken away.

And it hurt. It hurt so much.

But that no longer matters.

Now it’s all about making a buck. The almighty dollar reigns supreme.

And now the president of the hockey team, the Humboldt Broncos, says he will fight the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League for the rights to the two hashtags

How sad and maddening it is that people start getting greedy. 

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