podcast – Caroline MacGillivray

Co-host of Cool Conversations, Caroline MacGillivray is best known as the Executive Director and founder of Beauty Night Society.

In 16 years, Beauty Night has given more than 65,000 life-makeovers to women who live in poverty. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed: she is honored to be a 2002 Flare Volunteer Award (national) recipient, Shakti Public Service 2012 recipient, 2010 Spirit of the Crane Gold Community Award recipient, MetoWe Finalist (national), 2-time Woman of Worth finalist and a five-time YWCA Woman of Distinction Nominee.

Caroline is also a speaker, dance instructor, yoga teacher and a medical qi gong therapist. She is honored to be the recipient of scholarships for her yoga teacher training (Karma Teachers) and medical qi gong education (Full Scholarship for practitioner level and partial scholarship for Therapist level) She is also known as the host and producer of Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM CITR.

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