Cats Purr What Does It Mean?

Cats Purr

Cats purr what does it mean?

A purr is the most recognizable sign of an animal being happy and contented.

So when tickle or pet your cat it has that blissful look.

But that’s not quite the full story.

There is a lot more going on with the cat’s purr than you might realize.

And there have been countless theories as to why cats purr and what it means.

“But with more research it seemed likelier that the noise came from the muscles within the cat’s larynx. As they move, they dilate and constrict the glottis – the part of the larynx that surrounds the vocal chords – and the air vibrates every time the cat breathes in or out. The result?

A purr.”

But though science is fairly certain this is how it happens it cannot say so definitely.

“The biggest clue is a neural oscillator deep within the cat’s brain, one that otherwise has no clear purpose.

But if that neural oscillator is triggered, is it just when a cat is happy?”

Science is not sure.

But this is what science knows for sure.

When a cat is born, the mother’s purr is crucial to its survival.

Kittens are born blind and deaf. All they can feel are vibrations.

And it’s moms vibrating purr that leads them to her for nursing and critical warmth,

At an early stage in their lives kittens regulate their body temperaturers.

When kittens reach the teats they begin what is known as the milk tread. They press and flex their paws to stimulate milk flow.

They also typically purr while kneading.

This combination behavior of purring and kneading is often carried over into adult life. You’re probably very familiar with hearing or feeling your adult cat purr when kneading on soft objects.

This warm and wonderful feeling of being snuggled close to mom, being safe and receiving meals on-demand, certainly explains the contentment aspect of the purr.

And after two days kittens can purr and then they start communicating with mom and littermates.

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