Cool Recommends

Welcome to the first post of Cool Conversations Recommends.
Our job is to pick, yours is to decide.

Here we go.

A Great Read
First on the list is an article that appeared in the New York Times and is all about Donald Trump and his constant reference to how most of the news coverage about him is fake news. And he even has taken it a step further and is calling it fake news whenever he does not like any press coverage.
And a lot of his Republican base agrees with his Twitter pronouncements.
But the fake news phenomenon has spread. Now corrupt politicians and dictators have given to use the phrase fake news. The article in the New York Times delves into it.

A Great Performer
Mick Jagger is one of the world’s great musicians. There is no doubt about it. He is amazing, but unlike a lot of musicians he does not suffer from the fade away syndrome – disappearing from the world stage because you just can’t do it anymore. So you retire But not our Mick. He is still going strong at age 74. Go Mick go.

A Great Movie
It was 40 years ago that the first Stars Wars movie came out.
It was a blockbuster hit and created a cult following.
And of course it came as a big surprise to the Hollywood studio big wigs. Director George Lucas had a tough time persuading them to make the movie.
And today another Star Wars movie is out, part of a continuum of the Stars Wars franchise. And the critics, are pretty unanimous – they love it with few exceptions.
And this review from the New York Times says the new Star Wars movie has all the magic and excitement that says Stars Wars in all its essence.

A Great Book
A great book, a great author, a great Canadian.
Margaret Atwood is a powerful and unique storyteller. We love her books, her ability to weave utopian concepts into powerful dramatic narratives.
Her latest, The Handmaid’s Tale, her 1985 novel is about a near future where women only are valued for their bodies and their fertility.
Readers have resonated with the book given the current political climate, especially the #metoo movement.
The book was successfully adapted as a television series on Netflix and sales skyrocketed.
But that’s not all.
Today, The Handmaid’s Tale has achieved a monumental milestone.
So buy the book and enjoy it. you won’t regret it.

Great Recipes
We love cooking and to quote Julia Child nothing beats a roasted chicken. This one is of the slow-roasted variety and will not be dry when you server it.

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