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To the first Cool Insider post.
It’s been a couple of super busy weeks on two fronts.
We have been busy creating a new website. The new site’s focus – more contemporary and easier to see the various new features we have launched, aside from the Cool Conversation podcast.
The new features – all under the Cool Conversation banner – are:

Cool Trends, keeping you abreast of the latest trends, technology, the future and anything that will change the world around you.

Cool Recommends, picking the best in a variety of areas. It could be anything, a great book, a great video, a great restaurant and so on.

George Froehlich, opinion on whatever is in the news or what George finds interesting. Designed to provoke, to entertain and educate. Observations and insights from a seasoned journalist with more than 45 years of experience. He worked in radio and television in the United States, Canada, Chile and Ireland and has written for some of the world’s best magazines and newspapers, the Globe and Mail, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, among others.

An intern from the Langara Journalism program has joined us.

Meet Lindsey Lloyd.

Lindsay has been busy immersing herself in every project at Cool Conversations. After only two days at Cool Conversations she ended up writing and editing our Cool Conversations. She now is actively immersed in booking guests for our Cool Conversations podcast and will, in fact, be co-hosting a couple of podcasts with co-host George Froehlich.

Next week find out how we decide who should be a guest on the Cool Conversations podcast and what is involved in getting them to agree.

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