Former President Jimmy Carter Shuns Riches

Former President Jimmy Carter Shuns Riches

Former President Jimmy Carter shuns riches, instead builds houses.

Spry and active the 93-year old still builds homes all over the world.

Carter along with his wife Rosalynn belong to Habitat for Humanity, the global housing charity.

Carter shuns riches instead preferring to live modestly.

His approach is in sharp contrast to that of Donald Trump and his gauche, celebrity-seeking efforts as president.

The couple still lives in the two-bedroom ranch house in Plains, Georgia.

It is the house they built-in 1961.

They cook their own meals.

And on Sunday they attend their local Baptist church with Carter teaching Sunday school.

Former President Jimmy Carter Shuns Riches

And unlike other previous president’s Carter gives no expensive speeches to well-heeled international audiences.

Instead Carter relies on his strong Christian beliefs to navigate today’s tumultuous world.

In an interview with Time magazine he put it this way:

“We happen to be Christians, and this gives us a chance to put our religious beliefs into practical projects,” Carter says in his soft country drawl.

“That’s a very difficult thing for wealthy people to do, like we are–to cross the great barrier between us and people who have never had a decent place to live.”

The Carters have been building homes for Habitat for 35 years now.

Their Habitat work has taken them to 14 countries and 21 states in the U.S.

And that work will continue as long as they are able to do so.

He says they’ll keep doing it as long as they can.

Carter counts himself blessed and lucky.

In 2015 Carter announced cancer had spread to his liver and brain.

Hope of a recovery seemed slim.

But doctors treated him with a groundbreaking new kind of medication.

And later that year he was able to say – he was cancer free.

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