How Cool Is That – Racoon Captivates The World – Climbs A 25-Story Skyscraper – How High Did He Get?

What a feat.

The scene – St. Paul, Minnesota.

A small racoon is curled up on a ledge – 20 feet above a street in St. Paul.

Three maintenance spot him and offered a ladder in the hope the racoon would use the ladder to climb down from his new perch.

But the racoon had another idea.

And that was the start of a fantastic escape – an escape that captured the world’s attention.

so the racoon jolted from his perch and scurried over to another side of the building.

And then he started to climb, climb and climb.

The scaling of the two-story building was a cinch for the racoon.

But the best was yet to come.

There was a bigger challenge facing the racoon – a 25-story office tower, the city’s 15th-tallest buildings.

But the racoon took the challenge in stride.

Within minutes he reached five stores.

Racoon can easily climb 20 to 30 feet, but scaling a large building is unusual.

In fact, it is extraordinary.

By the time the racoon reached the upper stories there was an audience watching it all unfold.

And before you knew the racoon had reached Twitter fame, radio stations were chronicling the feat .

But there was more to come.




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