New Canadian Food Safety Regulations Will Be Good For All Of Us – We Now Have To Worry Less About Tainted Food

In the last few years it has been happening on a regular basis.

Tinted food has been coming into our grocery stores.

And the outbreaks have gotten worse.

The latest one involves Romaine lettuce, which started in the United States.

And because a lot of Canada’s vegetables come from the United States it spread to Canada.

And in that lies the problem.

Because we get a lot of our vegetables and fruits from the United States and elsewhere it stands to reason that if there is a serious food problem elsewhere we in Canada get it too.

Some of the food contaminations were deadly with hundreds of people dying and thousands being hospitalized.

The nine tragic outbreaks happened in the U.S. and Mexico and covered a wide range of products.

And given that food is delivered faster these days to market outbreaks happen quicker.

What to do?

Canada decided in light of the new forces in the marketplace the rules and regulations governing food needed to be updated.

And it did.

The new rules are all designed to do a better job of tracking food, exporting and importing food.

And here is a big surprise.

The new Canadian regulations bring them in line with the much stronger U.S. regulations.

The new regulations take effect early next year.

And the following new procedures will have to be followed –

It will require suppliers, importers and exporters to keep documents to trace food one step forward and one step back — forward to the immediate customer and backward to the immediate supplier.

And here the full details and what they mean to you.






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