Pedophilia  Catholic Churches Dirty Secret

Pedophilia  Catholic churches

Pedophilia  Catholic churches dirty secret is alive and well.

It has been for centuries.

And despite it the Catholic church does nothing.

Instead the Catholic church aids and abets the practice.

And its cadre of priests and bishops conceal, help and nurtur its pedophiles.

Here is the latest scandal.

This was one erupted in the United States.

A public report reveals how widespread pedophilia is in the United States.

Here is what the report says:

“The report, which covered six of the state’s eight Catholic dioceses and found more than 1,000 identifiable victims, is the broadest examination yet by a government agency in the United States of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

The report says there are likely thousands more victims whose records were lost or who were too afraid to come forward.”

And here is one headline from one newspaper article:

They Hid It All: Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children. We’re talking about a report on a single state.

Think about it.

An institution infamous for the relentless and continuing sex abuse of children regularly passes judgment on the sex lives of consenting adults.

We live in a giant insane asylum.

Pedophelia Catholic Churches Dirty Secret

Here are details from the report.

A priest raped a seven-year-old girl while he was visiting her in the hospital after she’d had her tonsils removed.

Another priest forced a nine-year-old boy into having oral sex.

He then rinsed out the boy’s mouth with holy water.

One boy was forced to say confession to the priest after he had sexually abused him.

And as usual the Vatican has mouthed the traditional rhetoric saying pedophelia is terrible and the Pope is totally against it.

But that’s it.

No word of any action being taken against the perpetrators.

The extent to which lengths the church will protect its criminal priest element is astonishing.

Consider this.

The church helps a priest accused of abuse to get a job at Disneyland.

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