podcast – Reg and Kisch Neufeld

Reg and Kisch Neufeld

Married in their teens. 48 years later still together. Meet Reg and Kisch Neufeld now criss-crossing Canada in a motor coach. Why? And what makes them tick?

They got married in their late teens.

48 years later they are still together. And get this, they have had only two fights during all those years. Meet Reg and Kisch Neufeld.

Adventure is the name of their game.

Currently, this Vancouver couple is criss-crossing the highways and byways of Canada in their motor coach, that will be their home for at least a year.

The plan is to explore Canada first and then the United States and who knows, perhaps, even Mexico. 

And these cool grandparents, who love cooking, entertaining, decent wines and good martini’s, gave away almost everything before embarking on their excellent adventure. 

And we caught up with them just before they were ready leave, enjoying life on the road.