The Royals Costing Or Bringing In Money To Britain’s Coffers?

Royals costing or bringing in money:People either love them or hate them those who love them believe we need queens, kings, princes and princesses

Royals costing or bringing in money:

The Royals.

People either love them or hate them.

And those who love them believe that in a modern world we need queens, kings, princes and princesses to show a kinder gentler type of society akin to that of a fairy tale romance.

The hundreds of millions of dollars the public purse is doling out to support the Royals does not matter one iota to this group.

The joy, contentment and happiness they get from watching the Royals from afar is worth the price of supporting them.

On the other hand those who dislike the Royals say the monarchy is an outdated institution that should be abolished.

It costs far far too much money and for all those monies spent there is no return.

In today’s society the Royals are an anachronism – an outdated institution with absolutely no relevance to one’s daily lives.

But if you looked at the Royals from a purely business perspective – you would have to ask yourself this important and pertinent question: Do the Royals cost more money than they bring in?

We have some facts and figures for you to consider:

Fans of the Royals have a major impact on various industries such as fashion, tourism, entertainment and royal knick knacks.

And as the world gets ready to celebrate the much-anticipated nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle here are some facts.

The wedding of Prince William and Duchess Kate was watched by three billion people all over the world.

And it generated an estimated $3.1 billion for the British economy.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials are expected to contribute $527 million to U.K. tourism.

So are the Royals costing or bringing in money to the coffers of Britain?

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