The Single Plastic Scourge – Canadian Governments And Companies Are Taking It Seriously – Find Out Who Is Doing What And What the Impact Is

It’s been called the miracle product.

But 40 per cent of it is only used once.

And now we are drowning in it.


And finally the world is doing something about it.

And the biggest plastic scourge is using plastic just once.

At least 18 billion pounds of plastic waste makes its way into the world’s oceans from coastal regions.

Half of the world’s plastic is made in Asia.

And the biggest problem is that all this plastic will not disintegrate for at least 450 years.

And while that is terrible there also is a good side to it.

Something can be done about it.

And companies and government’s are rising to the challenge of getting rid of this plastic scourge.

And they are starting off small – getting rid of plastic that is used only once.

Canadian companies and government’s are finally getting their act together.

They are dealing with the plastic scourge.

And that is a good thing.

Find out what is happening in Canada right now.



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