Whaling Nations Block Whale Sanctuary

Whaling Nations Block Whale Sanctuary

Whaling nations block whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Environmentalists and animal activists are outraged by the decision.

But they vow to continue the fight until the sanctuary becomes a reality.

Pro-whaling countries – Japan, Norway and Russia voted against the proposal.

The idea was to create a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic Ocean.

The decision came at a conference by the International Whaling Commission in Florianopolis, Brazil.

The sanctuary proposal was made in an attempt to increase the whale stock.

As well it was to curb severe exploitation by foreign whaling fleets in the South Atlantic.

The sanctuary also would have engaged in whale research.

The sanctuary ideas first was proposed 20 years ago.

The bid was co-sponsored by Argentina, Gabon and South Africa.

The sanctuary idea required three-quarters majority of all nations at  the meeting.

Whaling Nations Block Whale Sanctuary

But only 39 countries  in favour, 25 against and three abstentions.

But despite the setback nations in favour of the sanctuary vowed to continue to push for the whale sanctuary.

“We want to continue in this battle, this struggle, because we understand that we are on the right track,” Brazilian Environment Minister Edson Duarte says.

The Humane Society International condemned the decision.

“It’s a bitter disappointment that — in Brazil of all places — the proposal for a South Atlantic whale sanctuary has once again been defeated by Japan and its allies,” says Grettel Delgadillo,  Deputy Director of Humane Society International.

“It’s a common-sense proposal directly informed by the fact that cetacean species and populations are still recovering from decades of merciless commercial whaling in the twentieth century.”

“The sanctuary had some merits,” says Daven Joseph, ambassador-at-large for Antigua and Barbuda.

He voted against the measure.

But “the sanctuary is failing year after year because there is a lack of respect for the views of everyone in this organization.”

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