100 Volunteers Harvest Dead Farmer’s Crop

100 Volunteers Harvest

100 volunteers harvest dead farmer’s crop in Saskatchewan.

It all happened because of an unexpected death in a small farming community near Regina, Saskatchewan.

Farmer Brian Williams, 68, died unexpectedly on a Friday night.

He died during the crucial harvest season.

He lived on his farm near a small town, Milestone, Saskatchewan.

William’s death resulted in an emotional outpouring of community goodwill.

100 Volunteers Harvest Crop

The decision by 100 volunteers to harvest the late farmers crop of durum wheat.

It took 20 combines and drivers.

It all happened spontaneously and quickly.

And family friend Jeff Brown will never forget it.

He was the organizer of the harvesting effort.

“We were hoping to get six or eight combines,” says Brown.

“Next thing I know, we were telling guys, ‘No, don’t come.’ It just snowballed.”

“They knew everybody was busy, and had their own stuff to do, and they kept putting us off,” says Brown.

“Finally, one day they said if a few of you want to come together, go tackle a field or two.”

Brown says he has never seen such a coordinated effort as the 20 combines harvested the section of land (258 hectares) in a matter of hours.

“This was unbelievable,” he says. “Anybody who was able to, they just came. They didn’t take no for an answer, they wanted to be there, and they were coming.”

Williams, a father of three sons, was an active member of his community.

He sat on the local council.

As well he was a volunteer fireman and was active in local sports organizations.

Brown says it was an emotional day..

“You know, there (were) tears, there (were) laughs. There was a little bit of everything. It was all over the place but I know the family appreciated it. I (saw) them with smiles on their faces, so it makes it all worthwhile.”

Here is the full story.

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