Prime Minister’s Residence 24 Sussex Is Abandoned To Decay

24 Sussex is abandoned to decay.

24 Sussex is abandoned to decay.

Canada’s official prime ministers residence has been in the crossfire of politics.

And there is a strange reason for it.

The current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not want to spend the money renovating it.

And other prime ministers including Stephen Harper felt the same way.

The renovation costs are pegged at $10 million.

But that was in 2008.

No doubt that figure would be considerably more now.

And the politicians are afraid Canadians would consider the renovation costs as frivolous and not warranted.

The reluctance has left this stately home empty for more than 2 1/2 years.

And stately and full of history 24 Sussex is.

“Historic stone mansion with 34 rooms. Four manicured acres. Magnificent river views. Includes adjacent pool house. Currently vacant. In desperate need of some TLC. For further information, contact government of Canada.

“For more than two and a half years, the official residence of the prime minister of Canada, also known as 24 Sussex Drive, has stood abandoned, a drafty, asbestos-laden pile that’s full of history but remains unloved by the Canadian public and even some of its former residents.”

And the strange attitude about a prime ministers residence dates back well into Canadian history.

“Although 24 Sussex Drive has seen its share of high-profile visitors, including Sir Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy, it’s not quite the White House or even 10 Downing Street in London, both of which include government offices as well as private quarters. The home is primarily a private residence, used occasionally for receptions or dinners with visiting dignitaries.

“In fact, for more than 80 years, Canadian prime ministers were expected to handle their own accommodations. It was only in the late 1940s that the government bought the rambling 1860s home along the Ottawa River, built originally by a wealthy lumber baron.”

24 Sussex is abandoned to decay, but is steeped in controversy, political intrigue and name calling.

It has received more than its fair share of disparaging remarks by a succession of politicians of all political stripes.

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