649 And Lotto Max Is A Horror Show For Some Lottery Winners

649 And Lotto Max Is A Horror Show For Some Lottery Winners

Winning Lotto  649 and Lotto Max is a horror show for some lottery winners.

But that’s not the way it is supposed to be.

The TV commercials are constantly evoking magical outcomes for the Lotto 649 or Lotto Max winners.

But the harsh reality often is anything but what the idyllic images the TV commercials depict.

In fact, many lottery winners have discovered their own unique special form of hell.

The reason?

It’s simple.

Wherever lots of money is involved human nature at its worst takes over – greed, lying, cheating and stealing become front and centre.

And one other key reason is and this sounds almost sounds not true but true it is – some people can’t handle all that money.

So like the kid in front of the proverbial candy store – they blow it all till there is nothing left.

And there is an affliction lottery winners suffer from.

It’s s called – lottery curse.

The latest one is an aunt and her nephew.

The aunt is going to court because she does not want to split the $1.2 million prize with her nephew.

And besides lottery curse there is another problem facing lottery winners – sudden wealth syndrome.

Sudden Wealth Syndrome is a term coined by psychologist Stephen Goldbart to describe the stress, guilt, social isolation and confusion that often accompanies a giant windfall. While coming into money ought to be a good thing, it can take a bad turn. Many who find sudden fortune become overwhelmed and start to overspend, grow suspicious of those around them and make poor decisions that lead to familial and financial ruin.

Sudden wealth and how not to blow it.

And here is a the story of one man beset by the lottery curse.

He won $5 million, blew it all and ended up in jail.

And Craig Henshaw, a teacher, had a tough time with the $21.4 million he won.

Life became a nightmare for him.

Within hours of winning a scammer already had managed to get a hold of his credit cards.

But not all lottery winners are incapable of dealing with sudden wealth.

There is the story of a $60 million win among 30 guys and they all went back to their old jobs.

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