A Big Tragedy – Our Orcas Are Dying Because Of Starvation – Only 75 Left

Orcas are a joy to behold, but our Orcas are dying.They are magnificent creatures.These giant hulks swim effortlessly through the ocean

Orcas are a joy to behold, but our Orcas are dying.

They are magnificent creatures.

These giant hulks swim effortlessly through the ocean of the Pacific Northwest.

They entertain us when they come straight out of the ocean, jump high into the air and then land with a thud.

People love them and a whole tourist industry of whale watching has been built around these amazing animals.

Orcas are highly intelligent, highly adaptable and able to communicate and coordinate hunting tactics. They are extremely fast swimmers. A wild orca pod can cover over 160 kilometres a day, foraging and socializing.

Orcas generally eat just about anything such fish, seals, sea lions, dolphins, to mention a few.

But some orcas specialize in eating certain foods only such as salmon.

And they are picky eaters . Once they have chosen a certain food they won’t change – even to the point where younger orcas will only eat what the rest of the family is eating.

And they are really smart.

Knowledge is passed from one generation to another by the elders.

This knowledge consists of what to eat, where to find food, how to find it, what and who to avoid, and how to catch it.

Orcas live and travel in pods – family units – each with their own vocalisations and calls.

Orcas face world-wide threats such as whaling from such countries as Greenland, Japan, Indonesia, and some Caribbean islands

In the Pacific Northwest orcas have been on the endangered list since 2005.

And our Orcas are dying,  essentially starving, as their primary prey, the king salmon, are dying off.

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