A Guide – Transform Your Health Eat Less Meat

A Guide - Transform Your Health Eat Less Meat

A guide – transform your health eat less meat in five easy steps.

So let’s look at the five steps.

They are from a blog on an on-line website called – One Great Planet

It says it is a platform for the growing compassionate and eco-conscious generation.

It is a great site and covers everything you want to know on how to make the world a better place environmentally.

So let’s start with the suggestions that are simple and easy on how to eat less meat.

The author is Heather McClees.

She is a certified nutritionist and dietetic specialist. Heather has a bachelor of science in nutrition science and dietetics.

And she has been eating plant-based food for 10 years.

A Guide – Transform Your Health Eat Less Meat

Focus on Filling Veggies.

First, go for really meaty veggies. This isn’t a joke; I promise they exist.

Mushrooms, artichokes, and even roasted broccoli and cauliflower add bulk to your meals and provide protein, fiber, and 100 per cent satisfaction. Make pizzas with them, roast them and put them on salads and use them anywhere you use meat

Try Beans and Legumes Next
Beans and legumes are a turn-off to some people, but they’re actually really tasty when prepared the right way and are important to include in your yummy meatless plan.

Add some lentils, chickpeas, green beans, edamame, and any other bean you enjoy to your meals.

Eat a Variety of Meat-Free Dishes

Don’t limit yourself to veggie burgers and salads alone. You’ll get bored pretty quickly and also be missing out on nutrition and dietary bliss.

Try new dishes and ways to use new flavors. Remember that you can add flavor to any vegetable or even tofu for that matter, the same way you used to add flavor to chicken and fish (or beef if you eat it).

You don’t need meat for flavor, you just need versatile dishes that can be enjoyed in replacement to meat instead.

Remember Many Of Your Favorites Are Already Meat-Free
It can be so intimidating when you’re first eliminating meat, but give yourself a break and remember that many of your favorite foods are actually already vegan.

A hot bowl of creamy oatmeal with nut butter and berries, a fruit and green smoothie, a banana and peanut butter sandwich, waffles, peanut butter and jelly, trail mix, baked potatoes, veggie soup, and stuffed sweet potatoes are all naturally vegan.

Stock Up on Essentials
Creamy non-dairy milks and yogurt products, crazy delicious vegan cheeses (if you’re addicted to cheese), fruits, veggies, leafy greens, whole grains like oats or quinoa and brown or wild rice, beans, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, and even whole food vegan protein powders are essentials that will make all meatless kitchens a success.

Think of all the foods you can eat instead of the fact your kitchen no longer houses animal flesh.

And the idea of not eating meat or eating less is catching on with people.

Millions of Canadians are eating less meat and the movement is gaining momentum.

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