A Marvelous, Graceful Boy – A Mother’s Painful, Anguished Reflection Of Her Son’s Suicide

Her son's suicide:There are some events in life that shake you to your very core.They hit you like a tsunami - powerful, harsh, with no mercy.

Her son’s suicide:

There are some events in life that shake you to your very core.

They hit you like a tsunami – powerful, harsh, with no mercy shown in their impact.

And they don’t go away.

They stay with you.

They tear you apart.

They linger.

And your soul, your very inner being is being torn apart day after day.

It happens to most of us in our lifetime.

But there is one event that is more heart wrenching, more gut wrenching, more searing in its impact and that is suicide.

And when a son or a daughter commits suicide it is devastating for everyone.

But no one feels it more than the mother.

And that’s why this essay by a mom on her son’s suicide is so memorable, so soul searing, leaving your emotions in a state of raw despair and anguish.

Mom wrote about her beautiful, mavellous son.

“He was loving. He was chill. He was happy. And then he went to college. He only went because he wanted to play college soccer. Illiterate till age 10, he was no scholar. We were game. If he wanted to be in college, he’d go to college; if not, a world of possibilities awaited. At the state university he attended, he sat on the bench his freshman year of varsity soccer. This astounded us. Later, in a guest book, one of his high-school coaches would write: “Sol Samuel was the most gifted athlete I ever saw.” But okay, it must be a great team, we thought; they don’t need him yet. Then sophomore year, the fall of 2014, still on the bench, he asked us not to come to the games. What kind of spectacular team is this, we wondered, that has such an incredible roster it doesn’t need Fisseha?”

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