Aeroplan Changes What They Mean To You

Aeroplan changes

Aeroplan changes are coming.


And what do they mean for you?

Here are some answers for you.

A year ago Air Canada says it would drop the Aeroplan program and start its own.

But then suddenly Air Canada changes its mind.

So along with three banks – TD, CIBC, and Visa – says it will  buy Aeroplan for $450 million.

What Happens To My Points?

Air Canada says all Aeroplan miles will be transferable to its new loyalty program in 2020.

These Aeroplan changes are welcome news for for current Aeroplan members holding miles in their account.

Prior to that fear was that current Aeroplan members would get shafted

Also the airline has not announced what the name of the new program will be.

But the chances are strong that the Aeroplan name will stay.

Possible Changes You Might Have To Deal With

Some airlines are getting away from giving you credit for the number of miles you have flown.

Instead you get rewarded based on the amount of money you have spent for your ticket.

Delta airlines is one of them.

Of course, getting credits for money spent is not as good a deal as miles flown.

Better Credit Card Offers

Once the deal goes into effect in 2020 there is a good chance  that the existing Air Canada partners – TD, CIBC and Visa – will try to entice you to stay with them if you hold their cards or try and lure you away to join Aeroplan if you are not a holder of any of their  credit cards

They likely will do this by giving you bonus miles to sign up or stay with them if you are an existing cardholder.

Greater Certainty For Aeroplan Members

Air Canada originally created Aeroplan as its own loyalty plan.

But 13 years ago it was forced to sell Aeroplan under a court-supervised restructuring of the airline.

The company that bought Aeroplan was  Aimia Inc.

And now it has sold Aeroplan back to Air Canada,  TD, CIBC and Visa.

The acquisition is expected to be complete this fall.

So Aeroplan members can expect more travel deals and redemption options.

But at what mileage levels remains an unknown.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual until 2020.

Get more details here.

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