Ailing Killer Whale Spotted Missing Earlier

Ailing Killer Whale Spotted

Ailing killer whale spotted.

Earlier she had been reported missing.

The whale is J50 and had not been seen with her pod despite intense searching.

There were major concerns she would not survive.

“We are saddened to report that J50 has not been seen with her family in the recent two days in spite of intense searching. Hope is fading for her survival” Centre For Whale Research said.

Ailing Killer Whale Spotted

But then suddenly J50 was found – giving cause for optimism.

“Good news! Multiple organizations are reporting that J50 has been spotted with J Pod in the Salish Sea this morning. We will continue efforts to assess the health of J50 and treat her according to the priorities outlined by the team of veterinarians and scientists”, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,

Researchers from the Centre For Whale Research are with the ailing J50.

The hope is that a second round of antibiotics can be given to J50 and also deworm her.

Ken Balcomb of the research centre says this:

“I recall J15 long ago following miles behind the pod for days before finally disappearing. Maybe J50 is somewhere in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but I am certain she will not survive, and it is amazing that she has lasted so long in the condition we saw her at the beginning of summer.

“This is what extinction looks like when survival is threatened for all by food deprivation. The Southern Resident killer whales scarce presence in the Salish Sea is another indication that sufficient food is not available for them here, or along the coast.”

The plight of  ailing J50 came to light in early August.

And his plight is part of a bigger problem.

Orcas are struggling to survive.

There are only 75 left.

And they are starving to death, due to their declining  major food source –  king salmon.

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