Air Canada Faces Harassment Charges By Employees And It Has A Long History Of It

Air Canada faces harassment charges by employees.Various employees have gone public with charges that they were being harassed.

Air Canada faces harassment charges by employees.

It faces some pretty serious allegations.

Various employees have gone public with charges that they were being harassed.

And these employees cut across all of Air Canada’s departments.

It will be interesting how the airline responds.

Airlines notoriously do not like to comment on internal matters.

Let alone on workplace conditions.

And this practice of staying under the radar has been a long tradition.

And it is interesting to note that these charges all come from former employees.

Here is what some of them are alleging happened.

These employees worked for Air Canada in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Their jobs ranged from baggage handlers, customer service reps and flight attendants.

They said the work environment was toxic.

And they could not understand why they were let go and their so-called abusers were allowed to stay.

They said they were spat upon the face, pushed up against walls and received targeted threats.

One former female employee described her situation this way.

“There was just this ‘women don’t belong here kind of attitude’,” she said. “It’s a typical situation when you work in a male-dominated field. But it wasn’t too bad, at first. The main thing was sexist comments and being treated differently because you were a woman.”

Air Canada so far has refused to comment on these allegations but in a statement said:

“Air Canada does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace.”

However, in an independent inquiry about workplace practices at Air Canada a report got into the details of some of the unsavoury behaviour of how Air Canada employees were treated by fellow employees.

And it isn’t pretty.

And to boot the airline has been subject to several hundred complaints by its employees on its toxic workplace environment.

Here are the details of how Air Canada faces harassment charges by employees.

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