Alexandra Gill – The Mind Of A Restaurant Critic

Alexandra Gill - The Mind Of A Restaurant Critic

Her writing is trenchant, laced with sharp insights and observations. Her prose is engaging, conversational, relatable and often acerbic.

Meet Alexandra Gill The Globe and Mail’s Vancouver restaurant critic since 2005.

Restaurant owners and chefs love her, hate her, respect her, depending on what she writes about them.

Gill is a dying breed of journalist – the restaurant critic.

And her insights, observations and her wry, often humorous, writing style has made her one of Canada’s most respected food writers.

She joined the paper as a summer intern in 1997 and was hired full-time as an entertainment columnist the following year.

She moved to Vancouver in 2001 as the Western Arts Correspondent, a job she held until 2007. Her arts reportage was nominated for a National Newspaper Award in 2004. Now a freelance contributor, she writes primarily about food and drink for the B.C. and Life sections.

Her weekly column delves into Greater Vancouver’s food scene in all its variations.

Gill’s assignments have taken her across Europe on a Michelin-star tour, into a fine-dining Italian restaurant as an undercover waitress and behind the scenes of a large North American restaurant.

She also has judged numerous restaurant awards and cooking contests.

In this podcast of Cool Conversations with George Froehlich, Alexandra Gill talks about:

Why Vancouver’s restaurant scene will undergo a shakeup.

When Vancouver’s chefs and restaurants were cutting edge.

What her favourite food is today.

Why restaurant critics are so rare these days.

How social media has influenced chefs and restaurants.

How one of Vancouver’s top chefs opened a second restaurant that is mediocre.

What she did to become a better food critic.

Answers the question of – how creative and innovative are Vancouver’s chefs and restaurants now.

How prevalent “promotional” restaurant reviews are found in two of Vancouver’s top websites.

And a whole lot more.

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