Alexis Walters Mind Of A Photographer

Alexis Walters

Alexis Walters mind of a photographer always anticipates.

She always anticipates when she will get that great shot.

She calls it micro-moments, when a subject, in the flash of an instance, reveals themselves what they truly are all about.

And that requires patience and years and years of people watching.

Walters goes by the name of Alexis Walters Whyte.

But professionally she is known as Alexis Walter which is her maiden name.

Walters for the most part specializes in portrait photography.

She is one of Canada’s better-known photographers.

She has won numerous awards – nationally and internationally.

Alexis was selected to represent Canada in The World Photographic Cup in 2016 in Photojournalism.

Among her awards are B.C. Child Portrait of the Year 2016.

B.C. Editorial Photo of the Year 2016.

Canadian Child Portrait of the Year 2013.

Alexis Walters Mind Of A Photographer

The work that Alexis is really passionate about is the pro bono work she does for pediatric cancer patients. Photographing sick children with compassion and respect.

Her portraits create moments and memories to last through the years.

“I cry in bathrooms a lot but children living with catastrophic disease are really different from other children.

“The insight and maturity they develop along this devastating road seems to be way beyond their years.

“Once a child with cancer has touched your heart, I guarantee that you’ll never be the same.”

Alexis’ work has been featured on nine Kodak Billboards in Times Square.

It has been exhibited in the National Geographic World in Focus at Photo Expo in New York.

In this interview with George Froehlich she talks about:

How when she was three to four years old and she sat on her dad’s knee telling her and and her brother Tom about what was happening in the world through the newspaper in front of him.

That the photography bug had been in her family for generations.

Why she and her husband have been living in a motor home for years.

They have visited 41 states and four provinces.

Why her work with Cancer Kids has taught so much about life and living.

What life has taught her about Americans.

She and her husband have a home in Georgia.

She talks about the great dichotomy in American politics.

Trump voters believe in him no matter what.

And yet, in real life they will give you the shirts off their backs.

Alexis active on social media.


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