Already Americans Getting Tough On Pot Associated Canadians

U.S. Will Ban Canadian Pot Smokers

Already Americans Getting Tough On Pot Associated Canadians:

The Americans warned Canadians they would get tough on people and pot.

And they already have.

And that is before pot becomes legal in Canada.

The official date is Wednesday, October 17.

The latest situation involves a businessman from  Vancouver.

His name is Sam Znaimer.

He was denied entry at a Washington state border crossing by U.S. border agents.

The reason for the decision?

His investments in U.S. marijuana companies – making  him ineligible to enter the U.S.

I spent four hours, four-and-a-half hours at the border station and at the end of that whole process I was told that I’d been permanently banned from entering the U.S.,” he said.

Here are the details.

Immigration lawyer Len Saunders said he’s heard about a dozen similar cases recently where Canadians have been denied entry to the United States because of their connections to the marijuana industry.

“I’m getting panicked phone calls from Canadian companies who are concerned about their staff being denied entry and liability issues, or about themselves because they are senior executives,” said Saunders, a Canadian whose law practice is based at Blaine, Wash.

Saunders said he tells Canadians working with American marijuana companies not to cross the border.

So do you intend to go to the United States?

If you do be aware of important and key point is what are the rules and regulations when you travel to the United States?

Pot is still a prohibited substance under federal law in the U.S., despite the fact that some states allow its use.

American immigration lawyers warn that if you admit to smoking pot to a U.S. border agent you could be denied entry into the United States, or worse, be barred for life.

And the word from U.S. Attorney-General – a hard liner on drug use – is that Canadians should expect longer waits at the border. They likely will be  subject to secondary screenings if U.S. border officials are suspicious about the answer you give about pot.

And be aware that U.S. border officials are going ask some pointed questions when you try to enter the U.S.

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