Americans Rebuke Donald Trump

Donald Trump Reveals His Mafia Approach

Americans rebuke Donald Trump but the country still remains divided.

And the major trouncing people expected Trump would get failed to materialize.

However, the changes were significant.

The Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives.

And that will be a major irritant for Trump.

Some Democrats already made it clear they will make life miserable for Trump.

Things liking making sure his income tax returns will be made public.

Something that Trump has refused to do.

The Democrats can also initiate all sorts of public hearings looking at Trump’s affairs.

They can subpoena documents from the White House.

In short, under a Democratic House Trump will face tougher times.

And there is nothing he can do about it.

Americans Rebuke Donald Trump

But that also means that the world can expect Trump to become meaner.

To lie even more  (if that is even possible)  given how much he lies now.

To huff and puff by calling more of his opponents terrible names.

Trump will continue his policy of dividing Americans into two camps – us versus them.

He will become more racist than ever.

His foul-mouthed behaviour and attitude will continue in droves.

He will continue to ensure that rich Republicans and big business will continue to benefit from his policies.

But the mid-term elections also re-iterated the point that America is a country divided into two camps.

The Democrats and the Republicans.

Or putting it another way – rural versus urban.

Rural votes Republican.

Urban votes Democrat.

And never the twain shall meet.

But there is cause for some hope.

Urban voters elected more women than ever, Muslims were elected, as were people from the LGBT communities.

So the American political landscape has changed.

But the changes were anything but gigantic.

And the changes will take years to make an impact.

And all of that will happen under Trump.

As he continues on his path to destroy America.


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