Major Hollywood Star And Her Trek To An Elephant Sanctuary For Orphans And Meets Enkesha

An elephant sanctuary for orphans:There is something special about elephants.We can relate to them on many different levels.

An elephant sanctuary for orphans:

There is something special about elephants.

We can relate to them on many different levels.

They mourn their dead.

They protect their young when under attack by forming a circle around their young.

They are sensitive to our emotions.

They are gentle and caring.

And despite they are under constant attack by poachers who only have one objective – to kill them so they take their ivory tusks for a lot of money.

So it should come as no surprise that people will go to great lengths to protect from the ravages of poaching.

And often that means that baby elephants whose parents are killed are vulnerable to also being killed by predators or the harsh environment they are trying to survive in.

Today there are plenty of sanctuaries that take care of elephants and often that means nursing them back to being healthy.

One such elephants is Enkesha, a sweet and incredibly brave young elephant with a heartbreaking past.

When Enkesha was only one year old she walked into a snare set by poachers and got her trunk stuck.

But after one year of loving care at her orphanage in Nairobi she has made a remarkable recovery.

And then she met Ellen DeGeneres, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, who is a big advocate for elephants.

She launched a campaign #BeKindToElephants and funds raised from it were donated to the orphanage where Enkesha lives.

 So see Ellen as she meets Enkesha and other elephants at the orphanage.

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