Antarctica Melting Faster Than Ever

Antarctica Melting Faster Than Ever

Antarctica melting faster than ever, three times as fast as 10 years ago.

And that affects all of us.

So what does that mean?

That between 60 and 90 percent of the world’s fresh water comes from the frozen  ice sheets of Antarctica.

And Antarctica is almost the size of the United States and Mexico combined.

And here is the scary part – if all that ice melted it would be enough to raise the world’s sea levels by almost  200 feet.

But while that won’t happen right away over a period of time it will.

Antarctica Melting Faster Than Ever

The reason?

The melting is speeding up.

A scientific study published in the Journal Nature says:

Between 1992 and 2017, Antarctica shed three trillion tons of ice. This has led to an increase in sea levels of roughly three-tenths of an inch, which doesn’t seem like much.

But 40 percent of that increase came from the last five years of the study period, from 2012 to 2017.

And remember this is – it will affect everyone no matter where you live.

“Around Brooklyn you get flooding once a year or so, but if you raise sea level by 15 centimeters then that’s going to happen 20 times a year,” says Andrew Shepherd.

He is a professor of earth observation at the University of Leeds and the lead author of the study.

Want more details on the study and how it affects your community?

Just click here.

And the problems of Antarctica are part of a major environmental issue – global warming.

All of this poses deep concerns for our planet and we all should care about it.

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