Baby Gorilla Fasha Saved

Baby Gorilla Fasha Saved

Baby gorilla Fasha saved from certain death.

And it was done by a large group in Rwanda, Africa.

It included veterinarians, nine staff from the Dian Fossey Fund and staff from the Rwanda park authorities (RDB).

The fund’s employees and scientists are charged with saving gorillas from extinction.

And also ensure that their numbers keep increasing.

But employees of the fund lately have seen a disturbing trend.

The number of snares have been on the increase near gorilla groups.

Luckily no gorillas have been snared in the areas where the Fossey Fund operates.

But it is of concern.

An the rescue of baby gorilla Fasha is a prime example.

When Fasha no longer was part of his gorilla group Fossey Fund staff became concerned.

So they launched a search party.

And shortly after they found a deactivated snare.

Baby Gorilla Fasha Saved

Here is a report from the Fossey Fund:

“Soon they located Fasha by himself, with a long piece of rope around his ankle, attached to a bamboo branch.

“They were able to detach the branch, but the rope was wound tightly around his foot.

“This meant that a veterinary intervention would be necessary to have the rope removed, which requires sedation, and plans were made for this to happen today.

“Our trackers then waited in the forest for the rest of the day, until Fasha was able to move back to his group, since he was extremely stressed out and initially seemed to be going in the wrong direction.”

There are a mere 880 left  in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and in the mist-shrouded mountains of Rwanda.

And saving them from extinction is the main objective of the fund.

So slowly but surely gorillas have made a comeback.

But it’s taken 40 years.

But despite that  they are still on the endangered list – having been removed from critically endangered list.

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