Background Music Power Over You

Background Music Power Over You

Background music power over you is astonishing.

It influences your decisions and you’re not even aware of it.

It’s powerful.

And it makes you do things.

We all know how music can affect our moods.

It can make us sad, happy, melancholy and even energetic.

But did you know it can influence what you buy, when you buy and how you buy?

And even what you eat.

As well it helps sick elephants. 

Sounds strange doesn’t it?

But it’s true.

Background Music Power Over You

And a whole thriving business has developed around getting the music right for businesses.

The research on music and its impact on people is fascinating.

Here is what the Guardian newspaper says about music and its impact on us.

“Music, even when you are barely aware of it, can be surprisingly powerful.

“Over recent decades, researchers have found that it can affect how much time we think has passed while waiting in a queue, how co-operative shoppers are with sales staff, and even how sweet or bitter food tastes.

“One study found that shoppers’ preference for French or German wine shifted according to which of the respective countries’ traditional music was playing from a nearby set of speakers”

Background Music Power Over You

And coming up with the right music is a big business.

There are various names for it.

It is referred to as background music, music design or music consultancy.

And it can go beyond that with companies supplying experiential or sensory marketing.

The biggest player is a company called Mood Media.

It was founded in 2004.

And today it supplies music to 560,000 locations across the world.

Its clients run the gamut from Sainsbury’s (a British food retailer) to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

The challenge for these music consultants is to come with creative, distinct and unique musical identities for the brands they work for.

“That can mean allying the brand with a particular heritage, such as the restaurant Dishoom, where food and interiors pay postmodern homage to colonial-era India, and where Wood’s playlist features a genre known as “exotica”, an American-born, 1950s style, which refracts world music influences through a western lens.

“At other times, it can be finding a fresh angle, such as Kenyan restaurant group Nyama Mama, which caters to a young, cosmopolitan clientele and where, rather than just global, American-dominated pop, artists from Nairobi are also played”.

And here more fascinating information about background music.

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