Balderdash – Government Role In Money Laundering Ignored By Former Liberal And B.C. Attorney General

Government role in money laundering ignored:Politicians are natural-born liars, obfuscate the truth and never ever admit you are wrong.

Government role in money laundering ignored:

Politicians are natural-born liars, obfuscate the truth and believe in the old adage – never ever admit you are wrong.

Take the former Liberal government of Christy Clark and its total refusal to deal with dirty money being laundered in B.C. casinos by organized crime.

In Chinese gambling circles, that often were tied to organized crime, Vancouver was known as easy peasy street for money laundering.

And money laundering on a major scale involving millions of dollars.

And all of that took place while the Liberal government was in power under Premier Christy Clark.

But when the NDP government took power it ordered up an investigation of the nefarious gambling practices and money laundering schemes that were taking place into the province’s casinos.

The report was a bombshell.

And the money laundering schemes fuelled the opioid crisis and the high manipulated house prices in Vancouver that plague the city to this day.opioid epidemic and the housing affordability crisis that plague Greater Vancouver to this day.

But the Clark government did not listen to the many complaints it was receiving instead it turned a blind eye to it all.

And it got so bad that and one of the province’s key gambling investigators was fired after raising alarms about the dirty money that was being laundered in B.C. casinos.

It was a case of the government not wanting to listen.

And once the damning report came out former key Liberal cabinet ministers tried to minimize the seriousness of the dirty money laundering schemes.

Indeed Rick Coleman the minister overseeing the province’s gambling operations objected to one RCMP’s officers assertion that organized crime was laundering money from its drug operations through the province’s casinos.¬†

And even the province’s former attorney-general is trying to white wash her government’s duplicity in the dirty money schemes by saying it was a case of “unintended consequences.”

And she took umbrage with some tough questioning by a CBC host.

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