Being Bored Is Good For You

Being Bored Is Good For You

Being bored is good for you despite it going against all conventional wisdom.

And the notion that being bored is good for you started off as something simple.

It was started by a woman named Manoush Zomorodi.

She is a New York journalist and host of a podcast, Note to Self.

Out of that podcast a project developed called – Bored and Brilliant.

It was designed to get people to spend less time less time on their phones.

So that worked.

But something developed out of that.

Zomorodi took a deep dive into studying neuroscience.

Yes, the neuroscience of boredom.

And then Eureka hit.

And Zomorodi’s conclusion:

“It’s actually when we are bored that we’re able to quiet the part of our brain that talks all day and turn up the part that’s more creative.

The unthinking mind wandering that happens when you’re bored takes all the information you’ve entered and makes use of it in innovative ways.

“In other words: being bored is the difference between being good at Jeopardy! and being someone who actually uses the knowledge that you’ve learned to come up with solutions to fix problems (both of the personal and societal kind)”.

Being Bored Is Good For You

She discovered that when you do something totally repetitive you ignite a portion of your brain called default mode.

And it is at this stage, according to neuroscientists, that we human do most of our original thinking.

We do our problem solving.

“It’s where you have imagination, where you have empathy.

“Your mind does something that’s kind of like time traveling. You go back and you think of things that happened and you make sense of them and then you extract lessons from them.

“They call it autobiographical planning. Then you can imagine yourself in the future, and set goals,” she says.

And that’s it.

We hope you were not bored reading all of this.

And here is more about boredom.

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