Six Summer Drinks Are Refreshing

Best Six Summer Drinks

The best six summer drinks are cool and refreshing.

These are real thirst quenchers and are original and creative.

They contain some fabulous ingredients –  grapefruit, mint, pineapple mandarins, basil and more.

And all of them are non-alcoholic and are a cinch to make – taking a mere five minutes each.

These six summer drinks are refreshing.

Here is the one for the grapefruit and fresh mint lemonade.

Juice of 2 pink grapefruits
Juice of 1 lemon
1 small handful fresh mint leaves, crushed
3-4 tbsp honey
½ litre cold water, sparkling or still
Crushed ice or ice cubes
Slices of lemon and grapefruit

Combine the citrus juices in a pitcher and, if serving straight away, add the mint leaves.

Stir in the honey until dissolved. Add water, tasting as you go, to make sure it isn’t too diluted.

To take on a picnic, add ice cubes and slices of grapefruit and lemons to the pitcher before leaving. To serve straight away, pour over crushed ice and the slices of fruit.

Or this one – Mandarin-basil shrub cooler.

For the shrub
Zest of 2 mandarins
20g basil leaves
100g sugar
120ml white-wine vinegar

For the cooler
40g demerara sugar
120g basil leaves, plus extra to garnish
1.5-1.7 litres soda water
A few slices of mandarin

To make the shrub, zest the mandarins, keeping the white pith to a minimum. Muddle (ie, bash) the zest thoroughly with the basil and sugar before covering and leaving for an hour (this allows the sugar to extract the citrus oils from the zest).

Squeeze the juice from the fruit and combine it with the oily sugar mix and vinegar. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then strain into a clean jar and give it a good shake. Put the shrub in a cool, dark spot and leave it for a couple of days for the flavours to mellow and mingle together.

When it is ready, store the shrub in the fridge until you want to use it – the sugar and vinegar combined with the cold of the fridge should keep it fresh for a long time.

To make the cooler, muddle the sugar with the basil in a jug. Add the shrub, then add the soda water slowly, so it keeps its fizz. Add a few slices of mandarin, if you like. Serve in glasses with a garnish of small basil leaves.

See which drinks you want to make.

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