Billionaires Make Mind-Blowing Honeymoon Demands

Billionaires make mind-blowing honeymoon demands when going on a honeymoon.Ovation Vacations, is there to take of all their needs and wants.

Billionaires make mind-blowing honeymoon demands when going on a honeymoon.

And one company, Ovation Vacations, is there to take of all their needs and wants.

The company caters to ultrahigh-net-worth people.

They include media moguls, real estate tycoons, financiers, movie stars, talk show hosts, and pro athletes.

There are 30 agents to meet the demands of these wealthy clients.

And these agents book more than 200 honeymoons a year – each costing an average $50,000 (U.S.)  per trip.

That’s almost $1 billion in bookings each month.

And some of the demands by these wealthy honeymooners are extraordinary.


Sometimes the requests are so massive in scope that construction crews need to get involved. For a five-night trip, one prominent television actress paid $40,000 to have her hotel bathroom’s granite sink lifted 7 inches higher—all so she wouldn’t have to bend over when washing her face. Similarly, a husband recently spent $80,000 to have a 210-foot yacht completely carpeted, so his new wife could wear her stilettos on board instead of having to—gasp!—go barefoot.

Why customize the perfect hotel room if you can’t do the same for the beach? That’s what Ezon’s team did when one couple’s dream Caribbean vacation—in a presidential villa with a small private beach—was nearly destroyed by a storm that permanently washed away the seafront. The planning team’s quick solution? Hiring a motorcade of dump trucks to move sand in from another part of the island. It cost a cool $50,000.

Sometimes the solution isn’t quite so extreme. One agent, Christiana, recently traveled to St. Lucia to personally guarantee a picky couple’s beach bliss. The resort had a strict first-come policy for use of their chaise lounges, and refused the client’s offer to buy the entire beach (yes, you read that correctly). So Christiana checked in to the resort herself and claimed the best beachside seats for them before sunrise each morning.

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