Black Man Shot By White Cop

Black Man Shot By White Cop

Black man shot by white cop again in the United States.

This happens frequently in the U.S.

And the harsh reality in the U.S. is this.

Black people are much more likely to be shot by police than their white peers.

An analysis of the available FBI data shows that police kill black people at disproportionate rates.

Here are the latest stats for 2012.

Black people accounted for 31 per cent of police killing victims.

But they made up only 13 per cent of the U.S. population.

However, the data is incomplete.

The reason being that it is based on voluntary police reports from throughout the U.S.

Nevertheless it is a good indication how police treat black men.

Furthermore in these shooting white police are rarely if ever convicted for killing black victims.

Black Man Shot By White Cop

The latest black victim being shot by a white cop is Jemel Roberson.

The 26-year-old was working as an armed security guard.

It was at a bar near Chicago.

He tried intervening during a shooting outside the bar,

Police were called and an officer from the Midlothian police department shot Roberson.

Roberson was wearing a cap and sweatshirt that had the word “Security” on them.

An eye witness Dorian Myrickes, 43, said the officer warned Roberson to drop his gun.

But then shot him within “not even five seconds,” according to Myrickes.

And as in other shootings and this one there always is a super tragic element involved.

Roberson eagerly was awaiting Christmas.

Especially that it would have been his son’s first Christmas.

As well his wife is expecting another child.

Black Man Shot By White Cop

Roberson worked extra shifts so he could buy Christmas presents for his family.

And there was an irony to it all – Roberson had wanted to be a cop.

In fact, he was studying to be a cop.

But he was shot by a copy.

The death raised the spectre once again of – are white police officers trigger happy?

Especially when it involves black men?

His family thinks so.

They have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the police.

But even these lawsuits never really go anywhere.

And in the meantime the killings and the shootings continue.

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