British Columbia’s Human Feet Mystery Takes Another Twist

Human feet mystery takes another twist:It has happened several times a year.Feet awash on the shorelines of British Columbia.

Human feet mystery takes another twist:

It has happened several times a year.

Feet awash on the shorelines of British Columbia.

The latest foot found on a beach brings the total to 14.

And every time it happens the press takes notice.

But not just the local press.

It’s press from all over the world, including many of the best-known and established news outlets.

And there always is an aura of mystery and amazement.

It’s along the lines of how could this happen, is something dark and foreboding going on, who are the people whose body parts washed ashore, were they killed, did they kill themselves?

It is a mystery that fires up the imagination and puts the mind in overdrive as to the possibilities.

And this time – when the 14th. foot washed ashore it was no exception.

CNN did several stories on it, as did the BBC .

The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Guardian in London all did stories on it.

So is there really a mystery here or is it just media hype?

It’s a combination of both.

When the first foot washed ashore no one could really explain what the real situation was.

There was endless speculation.

But over the years with the advancement of science experts were to able to come to some conclusions.

They were able to speculate if the person drowned accidentally.

If it likely was a suicide.

And they were even able to come to conclusions as to why the feet kept washing ashore.

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