Buying Organic Food Wastes Your Money

buying organic food

Buying organic food wastes your money.

And despite claims by the food industry buying organic does no great wonders for your health.

And buying organic is much more expensive.

A study in the U.S. notes organic food is 47 per cent more expensive than the non-organic variety.

The myths surrounding organic are plentiful.

People often buy organic without really knowing what it means.

Buying Organic Food Is A Waste Of Your Money

But the power of advertising persuades them to buy organic.

Another myth about organic is that few if any pesticides are used.

That is totally wrong.

Organic farmers use pesticides but they are natural ones.

And that means there are still risks associated with using them.

Also some organic farming releases more greenhouses gases into the atmosphere than conventional farming.

A study from the University of Guelph in Ontario notes:

“The consumer demand for organic products is increasing partly because of a concern for the environment.

“But it’s too simplistic to say that because it’s organic it’s better for the environment.

“Organic growers are permitted to use pesticides that are of natural origin.

“In  some cases these organic pesticides can have higher environmental impacts than synthetic pesticides often because they have to be used in large doses.”

Several science studies science conclude the health benefits of organic are small.

Likewise the nutritional  value of eating organic are minimal.

If you want more nutritious food eat more veggies and fruits organic or non-organic.

So is there a solution to the problem?

The answer is yes.

But how?

Buy as much produce from your local farmer or farmer’s market  – organic or non-organic.

The main reason is that the produce is as fresh as possible.

And Canadians love their local fresh produce.

And unlike that found in your local supermarket is not subject to long storage or shipping periods.

Get more details.

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