California Fires Portend The Future

California Fires Portend The Future

California fires portend the future and the world can expect these kind of fires to pop up all over the earth.

And they will come with a vengeance.

The prediction is that by the end of the century some parts of the world will face dire situations.

As many as six-related climate crises at the same, says the respected group, Nature Climate Change. 

At the moment the world usually faces one severe climate situation at a time.

The current California wildfires are a good example.

But by 2100 that will change dramatically.

“It’s just going to be crazy. We cannot imagine what will happen when all these things happen at the same time,” says Camilo Mora.

He is a geography and environment researcher at the University of Hawaii.

He led the study team.

And the study team was through in its research.

It combed through more than 3,200 studies.

And it was all part of the objective – to try to paint a broad picture of how climate change is going to affect all of us.

The team also cross-referenced their findings against known disasters.

California Fires Portend The Future

And here are some key facts to consider about the California fires.

They are the worst ever.

And the death toll keeps climbing.

Currently it stands at 84 dead and 800 people are unaccounted for.

The fires have caused more than $2.9 billion (U.S.) in damages and are continuing to rise.

And the worst part is that the fire investigators feel most of them have been caused by humans.

For example, one major fire was caused by a spark set off by a man with a hammer.

He was working on a fence post in a field of dry vegetation.

These pictures of the California are worth a thousand words.

And the California isn’t the only place affected by wildfires in a major way.

During the summer British Columbia had its own version of hellish wildfires.

And in large part it was due to climate changes.

And like in California the B.C. government was not prepared for the fires.

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