Canada Faces Growing Right-Wing Groups

Canada Faces Growing Right-Wing Groups

Canada faces growing right-wing groups and that has authorities concerned.

And these groups are becoming more powerful.

This fact lays to the rest that Canada is immune from these groups that are springing up all over the world.

Canada’s national intelligence agency (CSIS)  in a report marked secret says the following about right-wing groups.

“Within the range of groups is a subset which either overtly, or under the guise of non-violent, cultural or religious preservation, focus their online hate towards Islam, Muslim immigrants, multiculturalism and those Canadian politicians who are seen as supporting Muslim-friendly legislation.”

The report appeared in a story by the Toronto Star.

“There is a misconception that the far right is not a threat anymore, and that these groups don’t have power anymore,” says Ludovica Di Giorgi.

He is an expert on the far right with Moonshot CVE, a U.K.-based counter-extremism and research outfit.

“These groups have influence and the far right is very much a threat still.”

Canada Faces Growing Right-Wing Groups

The rise of an anti-Muslim group was first reported on last year.

The group referred to themselves as the Three Percent.

“They’re armed, say they’re ready for war on Canadian soil, and experts say they are dangerous, Vice News reported.

And there is a concern in Canada that law enforcement and security agencies are not dealing with these groups vigorously enough.

Barbara Perry, a researcher at the Ontario Institute of Technology, says there has been a major increase in the number of right-wing activists in Canada.

She puts the figures from 20 per cent to 25 per cent for the period 2015 to 2018.

And that adds up to between 100 to 125 right-wing extremist groups.

And these groups are not only targeting Muslims.

They are targeting Chinese Canadians.

But there is an irony and  a cruel twist of fate to it all.

It is Chinese Canadians targeting Chinese immigrants in Canada.

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