Canada Facing Donald Trump’s Latest, New Bullying Tactics – What You Need To Know

Canada facing Donald Trump:Donald Trump approaches all negotiations like a bully - a technique that stood him in good stead

Canada facing Donald Trump:

Donald Trump approaches all negotiations like a bully – a technique that stood him in good stead when he was a real estate investor.

First you make totally outrageous demands.

And then later you backtrack.

And that exactly is what Trump is doing by imposing trade tariffs on Canada that are worth billions and billions of dollars.

And he has done it numerous times.

The best example is China.

For a long time he kept telling the world what a great country China was and that he liked its president.

His favourite phrase about Xi Jinping – “he likes me”

A phrase by the way he uses with other heads of state when he wants something – he butters them up.

That did not work so he imposed punitive import taxes on Chinese goods destined for the U.S.

But that did not last long because he finally realized the tariff policy would hurt the U.S. economy big time.

So he rescinded them, hoping the Chinese would capitulate to his demands.

So far that has not worked so the two countries are back at trying to strike a deal.

He did the same thing with Justin Trudeau telling the world that the two were friends and that Canada had nothing to worry about during the North American Free Trade agreement negotiations.

But once they had been underway for a while his stance changed and he referred to Canada as being nasty.

And in the meantime, the harsh demands the U.S. made of Canada were cast in stone.

And when Canada did not bend he re-iterated – in different words – that Canada was not playing ball the way he wanted it to.

So then Trump had Vice-President Mike Pence call Trudeau suggesting if he came to Washington  the possibility of sealing the NAFTA deal but that is was only possible if Trudeau agreed to a sunset clause – giving the American the right to renegotiate the deal every five years.

But Trudeau said no.

So he imposed tariffs on Canada but Canada hit back in a tit for tat situation.

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