Canada Messes Up Legal Pot Sales

Canada Messes Up Legal Pot Sales

Canada messes up legal pot sales and now people are back buying on the black market.

The failure is evident after a mere three weeks of pot becoming legal in Canada.

And it is happening right across the country.

Two main factors are at play.

There is not  enough available legal pot to meet demand.

Various provinces have not even set up frameworks for pot to be sold legally.

The whole situation is a total mess.

And testimony that Canadian politicians have dropped the ball on the pot issue despite knowing two years ago legal sales were coming.

The government was aware this July there was a looming pot crisis facing the country.

And it did nothing despite the vast amount of cash it would take in through taxes.

And there are more indications of a total mess.

Provinces and cities are not dealing with all the so-called illegal store-front operations selling pot.

Other  provinces have not up a network of legal sellers.

And that means Canadians are going back to buying pot illegally.

The illegal pot  market is estimated to be worth $5.3 billion annually.

One of the worst areas for illegal pot is Canada’s pot capital – Vancouver.

And the current NDP government has missed the boat big time.

So far only two government outlets are selling pot.

And in Vancouver it is struggling to tame the black pot market.

But Vancouver isn’t the only area having a pot problem.

The whole country is.

And that is sending frustrated customer back to the black market.

“At least three provinces — Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick — are facing a dearth of legal marijuana and two of them have seen outlets selling cannabis temporarily shut down for lack of supply”, reports the New York Times.

Canada Messes Up Legal Pot Sales

One legal dealer hit the nail on the head.

“We need more weed!” says Trevor Tobin.

But others issues are front-and-centre.

In Vancouver some dealers have been asked to put up frosted windows.


“They don’t want people to see what we are selling which is a stupid idea because prior to pot becoming legal there were no frosted windows.

“And even though we are now selling pot illegally the government has not shut us down.It’s all very confusing and is putting everyone on edge”, says one pot dealer in an interview with Cool Conversations.

And the federal government has been slow on the uptake – dishing out sales licenses to legally approved pot dealers.

Health Canada reports that out of 132 legally approved pot producers only 78 have received sales licenses.


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