Canada’s Telephone Companies Playing Favourites With Their Customers Giving Deals To Only Some Of Them

Telephone Companies Playing Favourites: we are left at the mercy of the big telcos - Telus, Rogers and Bell.They charge us big bucks for their services.
Telephone Companies Playing Favourites:
Canadians today are left at the mercy of the big Canadian telcos.
The Big Three- Telus, Rogers and Bell.
They charge all of us big bucks for their services – some of the highest prices in the world.
But try getting through to them when you have a problem or want answer to something.
Waiting for periods of up to 60 minutes to get through to a service person is not uncommon.
Why do we put up with it?
High prices and lousy customer service – it makes no sense.
And to add insult to injury they often engage in unscrupulous marketing practices.
And Canadians are fed up. They lodged complaints and there was a record number of them  – a 73 per cent uptick – to a government agency.
And some of those shady techniques enraged consumer advocacy groups to the point where they were  asking Ottawa to investigate.
And despite that another government agency charged with regulating the telcos refused to launch an investigation.
The decision was met with outrage by group saying consumers were left at the mercy of the telco sales dogs.
The telco’s  whole mantra is to try to extract as much money from their customers as possible under the guise of great customer service.
And whenever they face public pressure, which they have been of late,  they come up with a plan that is supposed to reduce costs.
And while costs do go down, there always is a hidden angle to it.
So when the Big Three – Telus, Bell, and Rogers – announced cheaper prices it became apparent they were playing a shell game – telephone companies playing favourites.
But their bad business practices are set in stone.

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