Canadian Burger Chain Sells Out Veggie Patties

Canadian Burger Chain Sells Out Veggie Patties

Canadian burger chain sells out veggie patties much to its surprise.

A&W began offering a plant-based hamburger in July.

It was called the Beyond Meat Burger.

“We are a burger loving company with a lot of firsts, but this is the fastest new-product launch in our history,” says Susan Senecal, A&W’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“When we tried the Beyond Meat Burger we were amazed with how great it tasted and knew we had to be the first national burger chain to bring it to Canadians across the country.”

Canadian Burger Chain Sells Out Veggie Patties

And she was right.

Within a few weeks the Beyond Meat Burger had sold out.

And now customers will have to wait until October 1.

That’s when the veggie burger will be back on the menu.

“It became even more popular than we had expected,” says Senecal in an interview with Bloomberg News.

“Plant-based protein has gained in popularity and it really is something people are very interested in.”

The veggie burgers came from Beyond Meat.

It is a California-based high-tech food company.

Its vegan offering has taken the U.S. marketplace by storm.

A&W’s foray into veggie burgers is a realization that there is a huge demand for plant-based protein.

It also is an attempt to diversify its menu offerings as fast-food restaurants are coping with declining sales.

But what does it taste like?

Here is one opinion from one diner.

“It’s a delicious veggie burger — one of the best I’ve ever had at a restaurant, fast food or otherwise — with a surprisingly meaty mouthfeel thanks to a crisp sear and pleasantly spongy interior.

“It doesn’t fall apart or crumble (and there are no random chunks of black beans, peas or corn niblets, either).

Best of all, it comes all dressed up with ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and crunchy pickle, giving longtime vegetarians that nostalgic fast-food-burger flavour.”

Here is the full story.

This latest development is part and parcel of people wanting to eat healthier foods.

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