Canadian Doctor Pay Scales Revealed

Canadian Doctor Pay Scales Revealed

Canadian doctor pay scales revealed for across the country.

And few of us know how much our doctor is being paid.

Over the years there has often been a heated debate about doctors and their pay in Canada.

Some doctors, especially specialists, can make well more than $1 million.

Do they deserve it?

For the most part Canadians think that salary is outrageous.

And if you’re one of them here is a question.

Why does that same perspective not apply to big-time executives.

They not only make millions of dollars but often hundreds of millions of dollars.

And they don’t often face the same public outcry that doctors do.

Most of the arguments against high doctor salaries are in the category of they should not make that much.

After all they are supposed to heal people and prevent them from getting sick.

They are not supposed to make big salaries.

But look at it this way.

It takes a long time to become a doctor.

At least eight years of university.

And if you want to become a specialist it usually adds a few more years to your studies.

Canadian Doctor Pay Scales Revealed

And doctors have a special job.

They have to diagnose a patient to see what’s wrong with them.

What’s right with them.

And depending on the diagnosis they have to prescribe medications.

They have to refer patients  to specialists.

A wrong diagnosis can spell disaster or even death.

So doctors have a special responsibility .

It transcends the usual job requirements of most jobs.

Doctors are dealing with human beings.

And that requires special consideration and a special attitude.

And salaries of doctors come under provincial jurisdiction.

Each province sets a fee structure of what a doctor can charge.

So let’s look at average salaries for Canadian doctors across the, country.

One thing is clear – they vary.

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