Canadian Emerging Right Wing Politics Gaining Traction

Canadian Emerging Right Wing Politics Gaining Traction

Canadian emerging right wing politics gaining traction at an alarming speed.

But a lot of Canadians like to pretend that right wing politics are not a problem.

But they are.

Make no mistake about.

And what is really disturbing they are coming at us in a subtle way.

Also the media coverage of Canada’s right-wing movement is getting next to no coverage.

It took the Washington Post to point out that the Trudeau government is deeply worried about the rise of right-wing ideology in Canada.

And that it is spending millions of dollars to combat it.

But in Canada the media coverage  is of  the tried and true.

Things like demonstrations or some right-wing person making a racist statement.

But that is it.

So consider this.

The election of Doug Ford as premier of Ontario is a strong indication that right-wing ideology has a lot of adherents.

And a lot of his policies certainly have that Donald Trump twist to them.

So no wonder some refer to Ford as a mini-Trump.

And then there is François Legault, Quebec’s premier.

His party has a definite right-of-centre twist to it.

He has even referred to his party, Coalition Avenir Québec, as a nationalist one.

Canadian Emerging Right Wing Politics Gaining Traction

And some of his policies certainly do appease right-wing voters and groups.

He says he will cut down the number of immigrants by 20 per cent or 40,000 annually.

And immigrants would be required to pass a language and values test.

This would allow them to receive a Quebec selection certificate.

Such a certificate would allow them to stay in Quebec.

Those immigrants not passing the test would be expelled from Quebec.

He also intends to prevent public officials – including teachers – from wearing religious garments.

This means Muslims could not wear hijabs or Jews and their kippas.

And the right wing situation is two-fold.

There are the politicians.

It is an issue that divides them.

And then there is the growing rise right-wing groups in Canada. 

None other than the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party Andrew Scheer has publicly said that next year’s federal election campaign will be one of the nastiest ever.

And the same statement was expressed by Prime Minister Trudeau.

Scheer already is campaigning on a subtle anti-immigrant message to Canadians.

And he obviously is making headway with Canadians.

The Trudeau government suddenly is enforcing a tough deportation policy aimed at immigrants.

So you can be sure that will intensify during the election.

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