Canadian Politicians Screw Up Pot Sales

Canadian Politicians Screw Up Pot Sales

Canadian politicians screw up pot sales losing millions and millions in taxes.

And there is no reason for it other than sheer incompetence.

And despite the incompetence, sales in the first two weeks of legal pot sales hit an astonishing number.

The Trudeau government signalled more than two years ago that pot would become legal in Canada.

And the pot market in Canada is huge.

Canadians are expected to be spending more on pot than on liquor.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce predicts the pot market in Canada will be worth $6.5 billion in sales by 2020.

If that comes true – and it is expected to go higher – revenue from taxes and income from sales is projected at $3 billion.

And the market will grow rapidly.

Statistics Canada data shows pot consumption has grown consistently by about five per cent a year since the 1960s.

But despite knowing that what did our bleating politicians do?

The answer is nothing.

But these same politicians love to blather on how important it is to be cost conscious.

How important it is to spend our money – the taxpayers – wisely.

So a golden opportunity presents itself and they have sat on it and did nothing.

So let’s look at the tax situation.

The Trudeau government projects annual sales of $4 billion for taxes of $804 million.

And in the first year alone – that’s not even a full three months – pot sales were forecast at $35 million.

Of course, that figure as now know was far too low.

All taxes will be split 25/75 between the federal government and the provinces.

The taxes likely will fund new hospitals and improved social care for seniors.

The importance of being able to harvest hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes was totally ignored.

What a disgraceful performance.

Canadian Politicians Screw Up Pot Sales

The worst offender is the current government in British Columbia.

John Horgan the NDP premier has authorized five legal pot shops.

The first and only one opened in Vancouver in early January.

The other four are in the hinterlands, generating little sales and, of course, tax revenues..

So the question has to be asked – why only one in Vancouver?

After all Vancouver would be a goldmine for sales and huge revenue for the provincial coffers.

But Horgan does not appear to perturbed.

He loves spending taxpayers dollars in huge amounts.

But when presented with the opportunity to cash in on major new taxes it escapes him and his fellow do-gooder NDP travellers.

But fear not Horgan is not the only doofus.

Canadian Politicians Screw Up Pot Sales

None other than Doug Ford, the so-called do-gooder of cutting programs and services, the new premier of Ontario has joined Horgan.

When Ford got into power he changed who could sellĀ  pot in Ontario.

Under the previous Liberal government it was going to be selling pot through government-owned liquor stores.

But Ford changed that so the private sector would sell it.

But that means legal pot stores will not be open in Ontario until April.

And these private stores will have to buy their pot from a government agency.

Really really smart Premier Ford.

Your own political ideology is costing your treasury hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue.

In the meantime, illegal pot shops in B.C. and Ontario are being shut down in the hundreds.

Another dumb move.

People want their pot but can’t buy it legally.

So they buy it illegally.

And the illegal pot is cheaper than what the few government sanctioned stores sell.

So the question is this for our brilliant politicians.

Why should people buy your pot when your Johnny Come Lately stores finally open up?