Canadians Threaten U.S. Travel Boycott But The Facts Differ

Canadians Threaten U.S. Travel Boycott

Canadians threaten a U.S. travel boycott but the facts differ.

Ever since Donald Trump has become president a lot of Canadians said they would not travel to the U.S. because of him

But the facts tell a different story.

Travel to the U.S. by Canadians has not gone down.

It has gone up.

And the percentage increase is a healthy one – six per cent.

The biggest increase comes from the Western provinces.

In Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. the increases are in the double digits.

So prices rather than politics appear to be the guiding factors.

As a rule prices in the U.S. are a lot lower than those in Canada.

Also the Canadian dollar is in pretty good shape against the U.S. dollar,

And both of those factors make it pretty attractive to visit the United States.

One Canadian pollster has seen it time after time.

Janet Brown of Calgary-based Janet Brown Opinion Research is one of them:

“There is a big difference between intentions and actions.

“It’s not a criticism… It’s just a part of human nature.

“I was one of those people saying ‘I’m not going to the States’ and then one of the ladies in my book club said, ‘Why don’t we have book club at my place in Palm Springs?’ And I’m like, ‘OK.’ So that’s how long my boycott lasted — until I had a place to stay in Palm Springs,” she told the CBC.

And before you knew it she was in Palm Springs.

And there is another indication that a lot of Canadians talk the talk but don’t walk the walks.

And it’s Google.

The search engine keeps great stats on what people are search for.

Searches for “Trump boycott” spiked after he announced a travel ban at Muslim countries.

But once he had settled in his role as president they dwindled.

So it’s clear.

Canadians threaten U.S. travel boycott but the facts differ.

Here is the full story.

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