Canadians Are Fighting Back Amid U.S. – Canada Trade Tensions In Concrete Ways And It’s All About – #BuyCanadian

#BuyCanadian.In life one can only take so much.The Trump initiated fight with Canada over trade has got Canadians hopping made.


In life one can only take so much.

The Trump initiated Trump fight with Canada over trade talks between the two countries has got Canadians hopping mad.

They are taking concrete actions against the U.S. and there even is a hash tag – #BuyCanadian.

And guess what – it is gathering steam.

And often in situations like this little things mean a lot and often add up to a lot.

And Canadians are speaking out about Trump’s attack on Canada.

And the vast majority are going to do something about it.

And even Americans disapprove of the Trump tacts.

In a poll:

Only 31 per cent of Americans said they favoured even stronger tariffs, and 61 per cent said other elected U.S. officials should denounce Trump’s statements.

And the American media is beginning to take notice of a Canadian boycott on U.S. goods and Canadian avoiding holiday in the U.S.

Shoppers are shunning Kentucky bourbon, California wine and Florida oranges, and avoiding American companies like Starbucks, Walmart and McDonald’s.

A lot of small businesses are doing their bit – one is a small restaurant in Quebec.

And the dispute between Canada and the U.S. has reached our neighbours to the south?

What do they think of Trump’s tactics?

How do they feel about what Prime Minister Trudeau said to Trump that Canada will not stand idly stand by and let the Americans get away with its punitive tariffs on Canadian good and services entering the United States?

For the answers a reporter from the New York Times went to a small border town between Canada and the U.S.

And this border consists of petunias, not a wall.

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