Canadians No Longer Love America

Canadians No Longer Love America

Canadians no longer love America because of Donald Trump.

The honeymoon is over.

In fact, the once-favourable esteem Canadians had for the United States has plummeted big time.

Roughly half (49 per cent) of Canadians say they have a “very favourable” or “mostly favourable” view of the United States.

That’s a significant drop from the 62 per cent who expressed such a view in June 2016.

And it is the lowest favourability rating the U.S. has received from Canadians since 1980.

“As Canadians reflect on their love lost for the U.S. in the age of President Trump, other G7 allies are finding themselves coming first in Canadian hearts and minds,” the report notes.

The report says the United Kingdom and Italy both came in at the highest favourability rating of 82 per cent each.

Next was Japan with 79 per cent.

Both Germany and France came in at 77 per cent.

Canadians No Longer Love America

And Canada’s new attitude towards the U.S. should come as no surprise.

Canadians were well aware that during the contentious NAFTA talks Trump treated Canada like dirt.

And also they were tired of all the games he played with Canada during the talks.

Finally Trudeau had enough of Trump and called him out.

But despite that Canadians are not happy with the new trade deal between Canada and the United States.

In another public opinion poll by Angus Reid more Canadians said they were disappointed than pleased with the deal.

Against this backdrop, fully half are of the view that Canada’s negotiating team dealt with their American counterparts “too softly” and gave up too much to secure the pact, while just one-third feel the agreement reached was “better than nothing”.

And Canada’s negotiators did not impress Canadians.

The Prime Minister Trudeau’s performance was viewed as the weakest.

Only 37 per cent were pleased, compared with 52 per cent that were disappointed.

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