Canadians Ready To Quit Their Jobs

Canadians Ready To Quit Their Jobs

Canadians ready to quit their jobs at a time when employers have a tough time finding workers.

And the numbers are staggering.

A total of almost 75 per cent of those surveyed indicated they were either looking for work.

Or would quit if the right opportunity came along.

The numbers were contained in a study by Ceridian.

It is a global management technology company.

The report is called the 2018 Pulse of Talent.

The report makes a crucial observation.

And it is something that has eluded a lot of managers.

“As the world of work rapidly evolves, power is shifting from employer to employee, ” the report states.

The report surveyed  2,001 U.S. and Canadian employees.

“They were asked their views on company loyalty, career advancement and work satisfaction.

“While 37 per cent of respondents are either looking actively or casually, another 36 per cent would still consider a new position if they were approached.

“Only 27 per cent said they have no interest in a job outside of their current company.”

And companies better become aware of the new work ethic prevalent among employees, says Lisa Sterling.

She is the Chief People and Culture Officer at Ceridian.

“If your workplace culture is lacking and your leadership isn’t transparent, authentic, and people-centric, then employee engagement will naturally be low.

“Our data shows the real reason a person becomes a flight risk is because employers fail to focus on addressing career growth and development – which are required to retain key people.

“This often results in alienating top employees and makes it a struggle to attract new ones.”

Canadians Ready To Quit Their Jobs

The report comes at a time when Canadian companies are finding it really difficult to attract employees.

This is especially true for companies in the small and medium-sized category.

And this labour shortage will last for 10 years.

All of this adds up to one thing.

Companies have to more open-minded, creative and innovative when dealing the new employees of today.

One company has done just that.

And it is is in New Zealand.

And its efforts have been a huge success.




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